The LRGB technique is used with a monochrome camera. It allows the production of color images. It is really complex and laborious to set up, but the results are truly amazing. This is the best technique for producing very high quality deep sky images.

To fully understand the principles of this technique and its reason for being, I will explain in the introduction how it works and its advantages. In the following I will use routing graphics to describe the preprocessing and processing of images taken in LRGB.

For the preprocessing I use the software Maxim DL. The latter is specialized in processing raw image files in FIT format which is the ideal format for photographing deep sky images. If you are using other software, you can still use the routing graph without using the links that explain processing with Maxim DL. You will then only have to find the software functions that allow you to perform the preprocessings shown in the graph.

The formula used for image preprocessing is as follows:

  • Calibrated image = Raw image - Black1 / PLU - Bias

Black1 = Same exposure time and temperature as each of the raw images

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