SUPER MOON ON 2016/11/13

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Observation place


It's just a snapshot taken with my 16 MP Nikon Coolpix camera with 20x zoom. Processing with Photoshop to adjust luminance and slightly enhance contrasts.

Object description

Object typeSuper moon
Diameter3468 km
Diameter seen from Earth33 x 30.1 arc minutes
Distance Earth - Moon when the picture was taken0.002384 AU (356 km)
Phase0.99460 (Full Moon)
99.5% of the surface is illuminated.
Almost everywhere in the world, fans of celestial shows were able to admire on Monday, November 14, 2016, the “super moon”, an astronomical phenomenon unheard of for 68 years and which will not occur again before 2034.

During my binocular observation of the Super Moon, I took the opportunity to take it with my Nikon Coolpix camera. It is therefore only an image taken in automatic pose! The results are still astonishing.  
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"