I have been renting remotely controlled telescopes around the world for over ten years now. Here are two examples of inexpensive imaging plans that I use for deep sky and wide field of view.

DescriptionImaging plan for the large field of view
(emission nebulae)
Deep Sky Imaging Plane
(galaxies and star clusters)
Telescope name on siteiTelescope - T14iTelescope - T5
LocationNew MexicoNew Mexico
Telescope imageThe alt attribute of this image is empty, its filename is bold-014.jpg.The alt attribute of this image is empty, its file name is itelescope-t5.jpg.
TelescopeTakahashi FSQ 106EDTakahashi Epsilon 250
Focal aperture106 mm 4,2 ″250 mm 10 ″
Focal length 530 mm850 mm
focal lengthf / 5f / 3,4
Minimum height of the object to be imaged25 º25º - North 40º
CCD cameraSBIG STL 11000MSBIG ST10XME - Non Anti Bloomin Gate (NABG)
CoolingRegulated at -15o CelsiusRegulated at -10o Celsius
Number of pixels - width x height4008 x 26722184 x 1472
Total number of pixels107093763214848
Dimension of a pixel (in microns)9 x 96,8 x 6,8
A / D conversion16 bits16 bits
Field of view with this telescope233,7 ′ x 155,8 ′ of arc60,6 ′ x 40,8 ′ of arc
One-pixel sampling with this telescope 3,5 ″ arc1,65 ″ arc
Imaging planFor emission nebulaeFor galaxies and star clusters
Luminance in Ha (bin 1 × 1)10 x 600 seconds As needed to bring out emission nebulae in the galaxy
Luminance clear filter bin 1 × 1 (maximum of 300 seconds with the Takahashi Epsilon 250 telescope)-10 x 300 seconds
Red and blue images (bin 2 × 2)
(production of a synthetic green image)
4 x 120 seconds each10 x 60 seconds each
Total imaging time6960 seconds or 1,93 hours4200 seconds or 1,17 hours
Image typeHa (RVsB)
Vs for synthetic green
L (RVsB)
Vs for synthetic green
Hourly rate per hour plan-40 (USD - US dollar)$75$63
Total cost of the imaging session$145$74
Average cost per session using these two telescopes $ 110


For examples of images taken with rental telescopes, click on this link. For the technique used for image processing:


The prices mentioned are as of April 2021 and are in American dollars (USD). For other currencies, use the daily exchange rate to get an estimate of the costs for your country's currency.

Richard Beauregard

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