NGC 7000

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Observation place
New Mexico


TelescopeTakahashi FSQ 106ED - Diam. 106 mm (4,2 ″), foca. 530 mm, f / 5 
MountParamount ME
Imaging cameraSBIG STL 11000 regulated at -15o Celsius
Image typeHa (RGB)
Exhibition(10 x 7,5 'bin 1 × 1), RGB (4 x 3' bin 2 × 2 each)
PretreatmentMaxim DL
TreatmentPhotoshop and PixInsight

Object description

Object typeEmission nebula "The North America Nebula"
Visual magnitude4
Distance2200 light years
Diameter56 x 47 light years
Dimension seen from EarthApproximately 120 x 100 arc minutes
In the swan's tail is the nebula NGC7000, nicknamed the North America Nebula because of its resemblance to the North American continent. We thus see appearing at the bottom of the image, to the right, the State of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. We also see California on the left. The right side looks strangely like the east coast of North America to Quebec!

With a clear and dark sky, you can see the nebula through binoculars, but it is best to admire it in long exposure photographs like in this very beautiful image.  

The North American Nebula is part of an interstellar cloud of ionized hydrogen (HII region). Between the earth and the nebula is a band of interstellar dust that absorbs some of the light from the stars and the nebula behind it, which determines the shape we see.  
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"