NGC 3628

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2011/04/01 et 2011/04/05

Observation place
New Mexico


TelescopeRC Optical Systems Carbon Truss, 368mm (14,5``) diameter, 3mm focal length, f / 357 
MountParamount ME
Imaging cameraApogee Alta U16M regulated at -30o Celsius
Image typeHa (RGB)
ExhibitionHa (10 x 5 'bin 1 × 1), RGB (3 x 2' bin 2 × 2 each)
TreatmentPhotoshop and PixInsight

Object description

Object typeSpiral galaxy seen from the “Hamburger galaxy” slice
Visual magnitude9,5
Distance35 million light years
Diameter300000 light years
Dimension seen from Earth15,5 x 4,30 arc minutes
The galaxy NGC3628, nicknamed the Hamburger Galaxy, is a large, pale galaxy seen from the side. She is part of the Lion triplets with M66 and M65. Although it is larger, it is less bright and more difficult to observe in a small telescope than the other two. It has a special shape caused by the gravitational interaction with its two other neighboring galaxies. Its profile is marked by a dark band of gas and dust especially visible in front of the nucleus. It's a beautiful galaxy to image.
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"