NGC 281

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Observation place
French alps


TelescopeAstroSysteme Austria Orion 305mm – 12″, 1086mm FL, f/3,62
MountASA Direct drive Mount DDM85
Imaging cameraMicroLine 8300 (Finger Lakes Instruments) – regulated at -30o Celsius
Image typeHa (RVsB) (Vs for synghetic green)
ExhibitionHa (11 x 3 'bin 2 × 2), R and B (4 x 2' bin 3 × 3 each)
PretreatmentMaxim DL
TreatmentPhotoshop and PixInsight
Specific treatmentCreate a synthetic green image

Object description

Object typeEmission nebula "The Pacman Nebula"
Visual magnitude7,4
Distance10000 light years
Diameter80 light years
Dimension seen from Earth35 x 30 arc minutes 
The NGC281 emission nebula is nicknamed "The Pacman Nebula" in reference to the 80s arcade game hero with that name. Indeed, with a little imagination, we can see his mouth swallowing everything at the bottom of the image!  

NGC281 is a pale nebula associated with the open cluster IC1590. It is about 10000 light-years distant from Earth and its diameter is 80 light-years. Its radiation is mainly made up of clouds of gas and dust in hydrogen.  

The nebula can only be seen with an amateur telescope in a sky with little light pollution. In this photo, the use of the hydrogen-Alpha filter as a luminance image made it possible to bring out all the beauty of this splendid nebula in this luminous spectrum.
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"