NGC 2264

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2016-12-09 et 2017-01-22

Observation place
New Mexico


TelescopeTakahashi FSQ 106ED, 106mm, f / 5
MountParamount ME
Imaging cameraSBIG STL 11000 regulated at -15o Celsius
Image typeHa (RVsB) (Vs for synghetic green)
ExhibitionH-Alpha (10 x 10 'bin 1 × 1), RB (4 x 3' bin 2 × 2 each)
PretreatmentMaxim DL
TreatmentPhotoshop and PixInsight
Specific treatmentCreate a synthetic green image

Object description

Object typeEmission nebula and open cluster "The Cone and Christmas Tree Nebula"
Visual magnitude3,9
Distance2600 light years
Diameter50000 light years
Dimension seen from Earth60 x 30 arc minutes
The nebula and the open cluster NGC2264 are referred to as "The Cone and Christmas Tree Nebula". In the image shown, we can see the cone in the center of the photo, slightly to the left. The Christmas tree appears after it to the right in a tilted position. We then see a nebula resembling a fir tree with its bright stars (the open cluster) in its center which, in turn, look like blue Christmas balls!  

The star cluster is very bright and easy to observe in small instruments. The emission nebula is very dark and difficult to observe, even in a site with little light pollution.

In my image, which was taken in a wide field of view, the nebula and the cluster are in the center of the photo. Through the use of a Ha filter as a luminance image, I managed to capture the very dark nebulosities surrounding the NGC2264 nebula. In fact, the majority of the signal from this region is emitted in alpha hydrogen.    
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"