NGC 2174

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Observation place
French alps


TelescopeAstroSysteme Austria Orion 305mm – 12″, 1086mm FL, f/3,62
MountASA Direct drive Mount DDM85
Imaging cameraMicroLine 8 300 (Finger Lakes Instruments) - regulated at -30o Celsius
Image typeHa (RVsB) (Vs for synghetic green)
Exhibition Ha (11 x 3 'bin 2 × 2), R and B (4 x 2' bin 3 × 3 each)
PretreatmentMaxim DL
TreatmentPhotoshop and PixInsight
Specific treatmentCreate a synthetic green image

Object description

Object typeEmission nebula "The Monkey's Head nebula"
Visual magnitude8
Distance6400 light years
Diameter15,9 light years
Dimension seen from Earth40 x 30 arc minutes 
The NGC2174 emission nebula, nicknamed "The Monkey's Head Nebula", contains the open cluster NGC2175 which can be seen in the image in the upper left section (representing the monkey's eye). For this reason, many refer to the Monkey Head nebula as NGC2174 or NGC2175 for confusion.  

To visually see this nebula, you need a telescope with a large diameter and a sky without light pollution. For this photo, the use of a Hydrogen-Alpha filter as a luminance image made it possible to bring out the very beautiful shades and contrasts of the nebula in this light spectrum. Also, the choice of a site without light pollution and a telescope with a focal length f / 3,62 (very open) and a diameter of 305 mm (12 inches) helped to resolve this image very well, despite an acquisition time of only 49 minutes.  
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"