IC 1795

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Observation place
New Mexico


TelescopeTakahashi Epsilon 250 - 10 ″, 850mm FL @ f / 3.4
MountParamount ME
Imaging cameraSBIG ST10XME - Non Anti Bloomin Gate (NABG) regulated at -10o Celsius
Image typeHa (RGB)
ExhibitionHa (12 x 5 'bin 1 × 1), RGB (4 x 2' bin 2 × 2 each)
PretreatmentMaxim DL
TreatmentPhotoshop and PixInsight

Object description

Object typeEmission and reflection nebula
Visual magnitude10
Distance6000 light years
Diameter70 light years
Dimension seen from Earth27 x 13 arc minutes
IC1795 is an emission and reflection nebula located 6000 light-years from Earth. It is also known as NGC896. The center of the nebula (in the image, the brightest part in the center to the right) is easy to see in a telescope with a diameter of 200 mm and more. The image presents the very beautiful contrasts of this nebula. We see to the left, an extension of the nebula with very dark shades. They are visible only in photos with a long exposure time. We also see other even darker nebulosities down to the right.

The center of the nebula (the lightest region) is conducive to star formation. The use of the H-Alpha filter made it possible to bring out all the beautiful nuances and contrasts of the object by favoring the red light emitted by the hydrogen atoms of the nebula.
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"