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Observation place
Yacht Haven Park & ​​Marina, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


CameraCanon Power Shot SX540 HS camera with 50x zoom or 215mm focal length (equivalent to 1mm focal length with 200x24mm SLR camera)
MountFixed tripod
Resolution after cropping images2208 x 2256 pixels (5MP)
Image typeColor camera
Picture format16-bit final JPG and TIF
Exhibition1/8 second, F / 6,5, ISO 3200.
Number of imagesSelection of the 70 best images out of the 140 in the video.
Image acquisition softwarePerformed with the Canon Power Shot SX540 HS Camera Camera
TreatmentPIPP, AutoStakker, PixInsight and Photoshop

Object description

Object typeThe Moon during the total eclipse of January 21, 2019
Visual magnitudesee above
Diameter3 468 km
Dimension seen from Earth33 x 24.2 arc minutes
Moon - Earth distance when shooting357 715 km
Phase100% of the surface is illuminated, but in the shadow of the Earth
Photograph of the Moon during the total eclipse of January 21, 2019 at 00:13 local time. The images retained were taken between 00:11 and 00:20, that is to say during the period of the total eclipse. When processing the composite image, I focused on bringing out the natural appearance of the Moon as I saw it through my binoculars, when the total eclipse was shot.  
Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD
My impression "We cannot be alone in this gigantic universe"