Here are some evaluation files in the field of astronomical imagery.

The different sources of noise in astrophotography of deep sky objects

CMOS or CCD matrix

Use of narrow band filters to combat light pollution
 Training workshop presented at theACAIQ 2017 (May 2017)
     The downloadable PDF file has been updated for the training workshop. At the end of the
      presentation, there are training videos
  Presentation at the 2016 CCD Colloquium (November 2016) of the FAQ

   Click here to see the presentation video

Surface brightness of deep sky objects

Mathematical comparison between mean, median and Sigma-clip

Impact of temperature change on focus

Rental equipment - Imaging plan

Setting up the mount with PoleMaster

Polar alignment with CGEM mount

Evaluation of the periodic error of the CGEM mount

Richard Beauregard
Sky Astro - CCD

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