M1 – Emission nebula called “The Crab Nebula”

Welcome to the Le Ciel Astro - CCD website. The site is dedicated to the astrophotography of deep sky objects and the solar system (planets, Moon and Sun). The purpose of the site is to share technical experiences in the field of astrophotography. 

Several images of objects from the deep sky and the solar system are exhibited on the site. There is the presentation of the equipment as well as the technique used to take the photos. 

The site presents the software used to acquire and process the images with an Internet link to help you obtain this software. Several other Internet links in the field of astronomy are also presented.

Hoping that the site will be of use to you for the realization of your images of objects of the deep sky and the solar system.

Richard Beauregard
The Sky Astro-CCD


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NGC 6946 photographed on September 22, 2022M 64 photographed on March 1 and 5, 2022 M 78 photographed on December 29, 2021
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The different sources of noise in astrophotographyAstronomical calculations
Use of narrow band filters to combat light pollutionAutoguiding the mount
The different compositing methodsSoftware for astrophotography
Surface brightness of deep sky objectsSuggested exposure times
Create a synthetic green layerChoosing equipment for astrophotography
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